Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wanted: Your Opinion on Issues Ladies face Today

When I generated this survey, the last category was Other.  I realize there are many issues that could fit into that category.  What immediately comes to mind are combating abuse and dealing with peer pressure.
After the tally is complete, I'd like to count up all the issues in that category and start another conversation going.  Ladies, remember to cast your vote.
If you want to share your thoughts on issues I haven't mentioned, please feel free to add them in your comment.
After researching materials on leadership for women and girls for today's post, I found an excellent link and similar survey to my '"5".  
Coincidentally, some of the choices are the same as mine!! 
There's a plethora of articles, websites and information to peruse from a national point of view too.
Now that you've stopped in the lounge to visit ladies, what's your opinion?


  1. I think women today need to make sure they're independent emotionally and financially.

  2. Yes to that statement Susan! Sometimes women are forced into making sure they are financially and emotionally independent after finding themselves in a crisis. Oh, that we were taught on emotional and financial health as a proactive measure instead of a reactive one.